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SCAR Foster volunteers have helped thousands of animals for over twenty years. Temporarily caring for an animal in your home allows our shelter to take in more animals that need help. In-home care by a dedicated foster parent also offers the individual attention that is just what our most vulnerable animals need. Foster parents are special people who selflessly open their homes to give animals a new chance at life. This is not an easy task, but the impact on animals is incredible. There are hundreds of puppies and dogs who need our help. By fostering animals, you are directly preparing them for adoption into loving homes. Thank you for your support ~

Foster - We are in desperate need of foster families for our sister shelters stateside.  If you live in Minnesota, Seattle or New Hampshire and are interested in fostering a dog in one of these states, please email Ronda at 


Without the help of our dedicated foster families, we could not continue our amazing mission. We will provide you with all the supplies you need while our rescue is in your care.  All we need is for you to provide the love and attention they deserve until they are placed in their permanent home.

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