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Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in February 2000 by Bonnie Lukas in Villalba, Puerto Rico.  SCAR rescues, rehabilitates, and secures permanent homes for abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.  Since its founding, SCAR has rescued thousands of animals in Puerto Rico. 


In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, residents forced to leave their devastated communities for the safety of the mainland were not able to bring their family pets. Many could not afford the hefty transport fees, others were prevented from bringing their pets with them if they could not fit in the cabin of the aircraft, and others were left behind because there was no space for them. Alternatives for transporting pets off the island were restricted because all cargo space was allocated for the shipping of emergency supplies. As a result, many of the pets in Puerto Rico were separated from their families and became homeless and abandoned.

The homeless animal situation in Puerto Rico was already a problem, but the hurricane has exacerbated it to epidemic proportions. The heartbreaking fate for most of these former family pets is to be euthanized or suffer on the streets competing with humans for scarce resources. SCAR has been caring for many of these abandoned animals while also trying to rebuild its shelter, which was destroyed by the hurricane.

Simply taking in these animals to the safety of SCAR’s shelter has not been enough. SCAR is working to make a real difference. Resources are scarce on the island. Relief for animals has been almost nonexistent. There are more animals than people can care for on the island. That is why it is imperative that many of these animals be evacuated to the mainland where they can be reunited with their loved ones or placed with loving families. SCAR’s goal is to care for and transport animals stateside to secure permanent homes. But to do so, we need your support to continue our rescue efforts!

We constantly battle this never-ending abuse and abandonment of dogs on the streets.  Puerto Rico does not have the resources to enforce animal cruelty laws.   With the continued help from amazing volunteers, partner rescue groups and continued support from our donors, we will never give up our endless battle.

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