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Our Mission
Second Chance Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in February of 2000 by our director Bonnie Lukas. We rescue, rehabilitate, and secure permanent homes for abandoned and abused dogs rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. 
The island of Puerto Rico has been plagued by a severe stray animal population for many years, however, Hurricane Maria has now exacerbated the stray dog population to epidemic proportions along with the consistent island earthquakes.  
Although the island continues to battle days with no water or electricity, Second Chance Animal Rescue never fails to provide shelter, medical attention and hope to animals that continue to be abandoned and forced to survive on the streets.

Small but dedicated organizations such as Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Villalba, Puerto Rico have played a significant role in saving hundreds of forgotten animals for 24 years. Our goal is to place each rescue into a loving home or provide a safe haven for them to live out their lives.  
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Second Chance provides each rescue with food, shelter, medical care and love! 


However, due to extreme suffering on the streets, some animals spend their lives as a part of our sanctuary family. These special animals require life long care and are listed on our Sanctuary Page in the hopes of securing sponsorships to continue to meet their needs.  We operate exclusively on your donations and animal welfare grants.


In addition, our rescue has a dedicated team of volunteers along with rescue partners on the East Coast and the Midwest who are working together to help meet our unified goal. Our state side teams operate in a foster care capacity and work closely with the families to ensure a smooth transition to their new homes.


Since its inception, Second Chance has rescued and placed thousands of dogs in loving homes. 

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